Men’s Group Manual

How to Start and Maintain a Successful Men’s Group

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Sharing Information

Below are additional menu buttons.  They will direct you to information that may be helpful to your group.  If you discover or invent activities, rituals or meeting topics that you think would be beneficial to other groups, or if want to share your recruitment poster for others to us, please email them to me at

Topic & Themes

This alphabetical list is not an exhaustive by any means.  We are looking for more ideas.  If you have had a practically good meeting and want to share it please do.  On some of the topics, I have included some suggestions, questions and information

Activities. These are meeting elements that your group can easily adapted for various topics.

Meeting Activities

These are meeting elements that your group can easily adapted for various topics

Meeting Rituals

Sometimes rituals spring up spontaneously, like giving a cheer at the end of every meeting did with ours.  Sometimes they require planning, agreement, and props, -like notching the talking stick at the start of the meeting.

Posts & Posters

Here you will find background graphics that owners of the manual are free to use.  If not already on the poster, I recommend adding the words MEN’S GROUP in big bold letters.  That way, it’s clear what you are.

Your main text should be placed at the bottom.  If you print the poster on light card stock and then reprint the information on regular paper, cut it and staple a stack of 7 to 10 over the text as a tear-off.  So men can easily take the information.  (After the tear offs are gone, men can still copy down the important items like the address.)  As a hint, printing the poster and the tear offs on a light tan stock gives them a bit more interest; the graphics look better and they are still inexpensive to produce.

If you’re drawing your group from a specific organization like your church, or children’s preschool, health club, or from men you know, then a stack of single sheet flyers may be better.  They can be set at the front desk or personally handed out.

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