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How to Start and Maintain a Successful Men’s Group

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Clyde Henry

In 1991 Clyde Henry and eight other men started a men’s group that continues to thrive.  This group and his experience assisting other groups to form is the basis for his Men’s Group Manual.

He is also the co-founder of TRIAD Architects.  He served as the firm’s first president from 1997 to 2008, bringing TRIAD Architects from a four-person operation to a nationally recognized firm

In 2005 he authored his first book, Stanley James.  Stanley James, his disturbing, critically acclaimed novel is based on his childhood spent in the “Special Needs Room” of a small catholic school in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Also in 2005, he founded the Stanley James Foundation.

In 2011 when his men’s group decided that it was time to reorganize the group with a few new members he realized that resources to aid in forming and maintaining a men’s group were sorely lacking.  So, he decided to begin a website devoted to helping men form groups.  Finding that the amount of material, and the format of a website, was not ideal for this purpose he concluded that an accompanying manual would be necessary.  He worked diligently over the next year to complete The Men’s Group Manual.  He was supported by the group and in particular, R. Bruce Larson, who edited the book, and contributed the forward.  R. Bruce Larson is an anthropologist, theologian, and writer.  The photography for the cover was contributed by Dan Lichty.

To learn more about Clyde Henry, go the Ohio Writers Guild Executive Board page on the guild’s website, or the Stanley James Foundation.